Regulations within the flexible system of three-level studies

General rules:

  • Each student has the possibility of individual setting up the curriculum of studies according to his/her interests and possibilities.
  • In setting up the curriculum and its fulfillment the student cooperates with his tutor - a member of the Faculty academic staff nominated by the Dean.
  • The number of credits achieved (nominally 30 credits per semester) is a measure of the progress in studies.
  • For students distinguished by very good grades the Dean may establish an individual program of studies.

Basic rules:

  • Studies of the Ist level (Bachelor) last 8 semesters, IInd level (Master) 4 semesters (in total 10 semesters), and IIIrd level (doctoral) last 8 semesters (in total 18 semesters).
  • From the 1st to 6th semester the studies proceed according to a mutual core curriculum.
  • From the 7th semester the studies proceed according to separate curricula.
  • The IIIrd level of studies are a continuation of the IInd level of studies, and their rules are described in the "Rules of Doctoral Studies - Field of Chemistry and Chemical Technology - at the Faculty of Chemistry of Warsaw University of Technology".
  • The ETCS is valid for the Ist and IInd level of studies.
  • A semester is a clearance period. The obtaining of an appropriate number of credits is the basis to be enrolled for a given semester.
  • Credits are assigned to all the courses of the curriculum, as well as to the diploma work/thesis.
  • Credits are not assigned to the diploma examinations, physical training, and professional training activities.

Evaluation of the progress of studies:

Minimal number of credits necessary to be enrolled for a successive semester:

Number of semester Ist level
 Number of credits
IInd level
 Number of credits
2 21  
3 47  
4 70  
5 105  
6 140  
7 165 175
8 197 205
9 - 235
10 - 265

In order to obtain a Bachelor Degree, besides fulfilling the curriculum requirements it is necessary to achieve 232 credits, and to obtain a Master Degree - 300 credits.

  • The not obtaining of the minimal number of credits after the Ist and IInd levels may be the basis to take a student off the records.
  • After the 6th semester a division for the Bachelor and Master courses takes place. The basis for this division is the number of credits achieved (table), crediting of all the courses of the group "B" and crediting of an appropriate number of courses of group "A" depending on the course selected. For the Bachelor course it is necessary to credit the courses of group "A" in a load of at least 6 hours (6 credits) and for the Master course 14 hours (14 credits) as well as the declaration of a student on which type of course he/she would like to attend.
  • During the whole studies a student may only twice not obtain enrolment for the next semester. The permissible duration of the Ist level of studies is 5 years, and that of the Ist and IInd level is 6 years. The not fulfilling of the above requirements is the basis to take a student of the records.
  • Before starting each semester a student is obliged to declare which courses he/she will be crediting.
  • The choice of some courses is conditioned by earlier crediting of other courses (prerequisites). The choice of courses may be limited due to technical and organizational reasons.
  • Repeating of courses is payable. The payment for repeating a course is stated by the Dean on the basis of the Rector's order.
  • An average grade of the whole studies is a weighted average; the measure-weight is the number of credits assigned to each course.
  • The Dean can grant a student a health or circumstantial leave. A student of the 1st year of studies can obtain only a health leave. The permissible duration of studies is prolonged by the time of the leave.
  • In the case of reassuming studies, the Dean states the semester, at which the student is to be enrolled.
  • Rules contained in the "Statute of Studies at Warsaw University of Technology" are valid for matters not described above.
  • In specific cases decisions are taken by the Dean.

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