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WUT Promotional Clip

We present you an international promotional clip for Warsaw University of Technology.
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Published: 24/02/2016

Our Faculty Member as a Guest Editor for Special Issue “Applications of Hydrolases in Medicinal Chemistry” in Catalysts

We are proud to announce that Dr Borowiecki from the Chair of Drug and Cosmetics Biotechnology (Faculty of Chemistry, WUT) together with his colleague from IChO PAS, Dr Dominik Koszelewski, will coordinate the edition of a Special Issue of the journal Catalysts (ISSN 2073-4344, IF: 3.520), entitled: “Applications of Hydrolases in Medicinal Chemistry”.

The aims of this Special Issue are as follows: the application of hydrolases for chemoenzymatic syntheses of new compounds of defined biological activities; development of novel or significantly-improved hydrolase-catalyzed routes toward key pharmaceutical intermediates and/or enantiomeric drugs; biotransformations carried out using isolated enzymes and/or whole-cell biocatalysts.
The deadline for collaboration is now open.
See: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/catalysts/special_issues/hydrolases_medicinal for details of the submission.

Additional information - leaflet (.pdf)

Published: 21/02/2021

GIENAHS Project outcomes - message to all SME CEOs: raise your own R&D Manager

Erasmus+ Programme GIENAHS project ("Grasping Innovation in Europe through a closer iNterAction between HEIs and SMEs") conducted at Warsaw University of Technology in cooperation with 5 other European Universities and 4 small and medium enterprises (SMEs), led by Uni.versus CSEI (Bari, Italy) has reached another milestone. Researchers of Warsaw University of Technology in cooperation with Exquisite SRL (Romanian company) led wide-range survey among SMEs in 6 European countries (Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom). The main aim was to determine the innovation introduction processes at SMEs and what are the needs for making it faster and easier. The responses were analyzed and the results were used to form the list of skills/knowledge required by SMEs when hiring R&D manager that would organize work and funding for their future innovations. Such list would be the key list to form European PhD curriculum that would train such future R&D managers specifically for the SMEs sector. Click "more" to see the detailed findings.

Published: 21/05/2020

ASTRABAT: developing a new battery to boost Europe’s electric mobility

A new European project has been launched to design an innovative high-energy and safe, solid-state lithium-ion battery cell for the electric vehicle market and beyond. The EU-funded project, named ASTRABAT, aims to develop optimal lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery solutions for the increasing demands of the electric vehicle market in particular. The goal is to fulfil Europe’s need for a safe, high-energy, sustainable and marketable battery for green mobility that could be manufactured in Europe on a massive scale. As society turns to electric vehicles, this challenge has now become acute, with Asian competitors well ahead in the game.

Led by France's CEA, the 4-year project will focus on developing a better, safe and environmental-friendly cell architecture. This will come with an all solid-state electrolyte design suited to the new high-energy electrode materials and compatible with current mass-production processes.

Leszek Niedzicki, PhD, DSc, Eng. of PIRG group, Faculty of Chemistry leads the WUT team participating in the project. Main role of WUT group is synthesis of the key electrolyte ingredients - proprietary lithium salts and plasticizers.

Published: 07/04/2020

GIENAHS project meeting in Warsaw

On 19-20 September 2019, GIENAHS Alliance meeting has been held at Warsaw University of Technology.

First main topic of the meeting was discussion on law and program harmonization of Industrial PhD studies on the EU level as well as possible changes to programs for better suitability of Industrial PhD Studies for small and medium enterprizes need.

Second main topic of the meeting was dedicated to discussion of the results, summary and conclusions of the international survey performed by consortium in six countries that investigated SMEs needs from potential employees of R&D departments that are alumni of PhD studies.

The meeting passed in great atmosphere.

GIENAHS Alliance aims at addressing the strategic issue of interaction between HEIs and the particular target represented by SMEs. Alliance aim is to design a new model of European Industrial PhD curriculum SME-oriented targeted on European SMEs Innovation needs.

Published: 10/10/2019

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