ASTRABAT project results published as a handbook and a video

EU Horizon 2020 ASTRABAT project, part of which is carried out at the Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology (WUT project manager: Leszek Niedzicki), has come to the end with the end of 2023 after four years of work, bringing us closer to the development of the European high-performance all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

The project's critical work and innovation have been summarised in form of the handbook, video presentation as well as five informative packs on various technical aspects – from the electrolyte tailorisation to the fluorine-free ionic liquid plasticizers.

ASTRABAT Handbook (link to pdf document on ASTRABAT's site)

ASTRABAT Final video presentation (link to Youtube video)

WUT group has been strongly involved in the first two main results, as well as was a leading partner on the third result (fluorine-free ionic liquid plasticizers).



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