The best (sorted by Impact Factor) articles authored by our Faculty employees in 2022 (last update: 31-12-2022).

The Minister of Education and Science awarded the Warsaw University of Technology the highest scientific category, A+, in the discipline of chemical sciences. The scientific discipline of chemical engineering ultimately received category A.

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The academic community of the Warsaw University of Technology stands in full solidarity with the Ukrainian nation at this harrowing moment for our neighbor. Nothing can justify the military aggression that Russia has carried out against Ukraine. In Europe so terribly affected by the drama of World War II, resulting in millions of victims, the behavior of the Russian authorities raises legitimate concerns about the future of the entire continent.

Perspektywy educational monthly has published annual Engineering University Courses Ranking 2021. Our Biotechnology and Chemical Technology courses have been ranked as the best engineering university courses in their respective categories. Biotechnology course hold the title as the best Biotechnology course in Poland for the fifth year in the row, while Chemical Technology Course holds the title as the best Chemical Technology course for the ninth time in the row, keeping the title since the establishment of the ranking (since individual engineering courses are ranked).


Intercollegiate Biotechnology Symposium 'Symbioza' welcomes students and PhD candidates from around the World who would like to try their scientific skills by performing in public or presenting research project results during a poster session.
Every conference edition is enriched with plenary lectures led by remarkable speakers from numerous international academia.

12th–14th of May, 2023
Faculty of Biology University of Warsaw, Poland

Registration deadline: 22nd of March 2023

Berlin University of Technology invites all students from the ENHANCE alliance to an international cummer course on 'Ethics and Epistemology of AI' organised under Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programme.

Registration deadline: 19th of March 2023

TU Berlin offers a hybrid course on ‘Critical Sustainability' with 8 online meetings on Zoom from 18 April to 11 May on Tuesdays and Thursdays (14:00 to 16:00), followed by a summer school from 17 to 21 July on TU Berlin’s campus.

Registration deadline: 30th of March 2023

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PhD student of our Faculty, Joanna Tanska, MSc, Eng., has been awarded at the poster session at the international conference. 22nd International Conference Advanced Batteries, Accumulators and Fuel Cells ABAF 22 has been held on August 22-25 in Brno (Czech Republic). Work of Ms Tanska entitled "Solid-State Electrolytes Based on New Polymer for Li-ion Batteries" have been performed as a part of the ASTRABAT project (years of work 2020-2023, EU Horizon 2020 programme, project leader at WUT: Prof. Leszek Niedzicki, PhD, DSc, Eng.). Ms Joanna performs her PhD work at the Chair of Chemical Technology under supervision of Prof. Paulina Wiecińska, PhD, DSc, Eng. Congratulations!

Mechanochemistry - the field of research focusing on chemical processes induced by the mechanical forces experiences a renaissance with the significant role of Faculty of Chemistry researchers. One of the examples of such role is the newest publication of Prof. Lewiński's group entitled "Mechanoperovskites for Photovoltaic Applications: Preparation, Characterization, and Device Fabrication”, which has been published in Accounts of Chemical Research (IF = 21.7). It is the first publication from our faculty in this prestigeous journal with over 50 years of tradition, in which articles are usually reviews published on the invitation only policy and focuse on the recent achievements of authors – leaders in their respective fields.
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Faculty of Chemistry, WUT just became founding member of the consortium (led by French CNRS), which will hold international PhD studies in the field of emerginc battery technologies. Faculty of Chemistry along with over a dozen other Eruopean universities as well as research institutes and companies will educate 50 doctors over a 5 years span. Project DESTINY (no. 945357) just received funding from the European Union (under Horizon 2020 programme). It is the first cofinanced by EU project of co-held international PhD studies at Warsaw University of Technology.

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