Results of evaluation of scientific activity for the years 2017-2021

The Minister of Education and Science awarded the Warsaw University of Technology the highest scientific category, A+, in the discipline of chemical sciences. The scientific discipline of chemical engineering ultimately received category A.

Making the final decision, the Minister considered the scientific potential of the University, the achievements to date, highly rated by experts, and the international importance of the scientific achievements demonstrated.

This is the first evaluation carried out according to the new rules, the key of which are:

  • assessment of the discipline within the university, and not faculties (organizational units) – as has been the case so far;
  • taking into account the achievements of all employees conducting scientific activity in the evaluated discipline, as well as the achievements of people who studied at doctoral schools run by the assessed entity and prepared a doctoral dissertation;
  • introduction of an achievement limit – only the best four achievements had to be submitted for evaluation.

The new assessment was made based on three main formal criteria: the scientific level of the conducted activity, the financial effects of scientific research and development work, and the impact of scientific activity on society and the economy.

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